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Closing Out Sisterhood Month with Self-Care and Solidarity


Bonika Wilson,

CEO, WCM Firm Inc.

Closing Out Sisterhood Month with Self-Care and Solidarity

March has been a month of celebrating sisterhood, and, as it draws to a close, I hope each one of you has taken the time to honor your own strength and extend your love to the incredible women in your life. But, before we step into April, I wanted to share with you three important mantras that I hold dear – and I hope you can adopt them too.

Say “No”

Firstly, I want you to remember the power that lies in two letters: N-O. Saying no is not just an option; it is sometimes a necessary response to maintain control over our busy lives. It’s crucial for us bosses, queens, and every woman in charge of her destiny. We are in control, and it’s okay to say, “No, I cannot show up for this event” or “No, I cannot commit to this.”

You must guard your time and energy fiercely. And while it is our nature to be dependable and strong, there comes a point where we shouldn’t feel guilty for prioritizing our well-being. No is a complete sentence, and it deserves a period at its end, not a question mark.

Check on Your Strong Friends

The second point I want to stress is the importance of looking out for those among us who seem invincible. Our community is full of talented, powerful, and influential women, but sometimes, even the strongest among us can carry burdens that weigh heavy on their shoulders.

I knew a Mom in Atlanta who tragically killed her children and then herself. From the outside, it seemed like she had it all – respected in the community, great kids, loved by many – until that unthinkable tragedy. This is a harrowing reminder that we must diligently check on our strong friends. Ask them sincerely, “Are you really okay?” Offer tangible support, whether it’s taking their kids for a day or treating them to a coffee. This not only strengthens the bonds of sisterhood but also reinforces our commitment to each other’s well-being.

Say “Yes” – To Yourself

The third and possibly the most significant thing I advocate for is saying “Yes” to yourself. Once you’ve cleared your plate of overwhelming commitments by saying no, you create space to consent to things that truly matter – to joys that replenish your spirit.

Whether it’s indulging in a quiet bath, committing to a workout routine, or having lunch with friends, these are the moments for you. I’ve kicked off my sisterhood month by doing things that bring me joy – shooting at the range, dancing at a hip-hop class, and reconnecting with old friends.

The whole point of saying no to others is so that you can say yes to what elevates and fills you. Making your needs, loves, and passions a priority isn’t selfish; it’s self-care.

Looking Ahead

As we exit Sisterhood Month and march into April, don’t forget these three tenets. They are not just for the month that honors our sisterhood; they are for every day of the year. They are for the moments when you’re stretched thin and need to reinforce your boundaries. They are for the times when a friend’s smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes, and she needs you more than she says. And they are for the instances when you need to choose joy, choose peace, and choose yourself.

It’s been an empowering month, and I’m excited to carry these learnings into the following days, weeks, and months. Ladies, affirm yourselves, look out for each other, and never forget to carve out space for your own growth and happiness. Take these mantras into April, and beyond, and watch how they transform your life.

Until next time, stay strong, support each other, and celebrate the beautiful sisterhood that connects us all.

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