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Boss Babes Make the Best Leaders


Bonika Wilson,

CEO, WCM Firm Inc.

Boss Babes Make the Best Leaders

In my recent YouTube video, I share a little story that happened this month – a testament to the daily balancing act many of us perform. From the morning chaos of getting kids ready for school to juggling professional responsibilities, this day was a reminder of the resilience and multitasking capabilities that come second nature to us. These experiences don’t just shape us as individuals; they enhance our leadership style, making us more relatable, approachable, and understanding leaders.

In this video I also share the essence of what makes women exemplary leaders and why these traits are indispensable in the fabric of today’s society.

The Hallmarks of Women in Leadership:

1. Driving Performance with Diverse Insights

We, as women, approach the leadership table armed with a rich tapestry of experiences. The trials and triumphs that dot our personal and professional landscapes imbue us with a nuanced understanding of the world. This diversity of insight powers superior performance and outcomes, proving indispensable for any organization’s growth.

2. Shaping Tomorrow’s Trailblazers

Our roles as leaders transcend mere managerial duties; we act as lighthouses, guiding the next wave of women toward their shores of success. Demonstrating that persistence, empathy, and intellect can shatter ceilings, we inspire not just belief in possibility but the courage to pursue it.

3. Decisions Anchored in Emotional Intelligence

The innate emotional intelligence (EQ) that we possess equips us with an unmatched proficiency in making decisions that are not just judicious but also empathetic. Our ability to perceive the unsaid, to truly listen, and to cultivate a supportive atmosphere translates into decisions that propel the entire organization forward.

So if you are a woman reading this, take a bow, sis. You are extraordinary and don’t let anyone tell you different. Your ability to balance, to lead, to inspire, and to make a difference speaks volumes. Let’s continue to support, uplift, and empower each other, sharing our stories and successes. Because when one woman shines, she lights the way for all of us. Here’s to us, to our strength, to our leadership, and to our unending capacity to create change. Keep flexing those muscles, keep leading with heart, and remember, the world needs your unique brand of leadership now more than ever.

Together, let’s make every month a celebration of our achievements and continue to break barriers in every field we step into. Remember, your journey, your resilience, and your leadership inspire a world of possibilities not just for you, but for every woman who looks up to you. So shine sis. As Rhianna said, “shine bright like a diamond.”

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