Building Dynasties: Empowerment Through Education

Guess what, everyone? I have some exciting news to share with you! A building has been named in Dontá’s honor, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support we’ve received. In this video, I take a moment to thank each of you personally and discuss what this means not just for us, but for the legacy we’re building together.

From a deeply personal victory to a transformative community contribution, the recent naming of the Dontá L. Wilson Residence Hall at UNC Charlotte marks a milestone not just for my family but for every individual involved. This 147,000-square-foot residence hall represents a commitment to nurturing future leaders.

The Power of Support

During the naming ceremony, we celebrated the launch of the Wilson Believe Fund. This initiative is close to my heart, as it specifically supports first-generation college students majoring in business and education. It’s about creating pathways to success that were previously unimaginable for many, echoing the message: we rise by lifting others.

Why Legacy Matters

In my video, I discuss the concept of building a dynasty versus simply leaving a legacy. A legacy is what you leave behind, but a dynasty builds on that foundation to create lasting change. It’s about impact over income, significance over success. This philosophy is embodied in the scholarships tied to Wilson Hall, designed to ease the journey for first-generation students. The real triumph isn’t just a name on a building; it’s in the empowered lives that walk out of it with diplomas in hand.

Actionable Takeaway

I encourage each of you to think about how you can contribute to your community. Whether it’s mentoring, donating, or simply lending a listening ear, remember that every small action contributes to a larger change. Reflect on how you can support educational initiatives in your area or start one that addresses a need.

As we celebrate this achievement, let’s also remember the broader picture. It’s not just about what we build but how we build it and whom it serves. Let’s continue to support each other, celebrate our successes, and push towards creating a community that uplifts everyone.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being part of this incredible journey. Together, we are building more than just structures; we are crafting a legacy of hope and success.

Boss Babes Make the Best Leaders

In my recent YouTube video, I share a little story that happened this month – a testament to the daily balancing act many of us perform. From the morning chaos of getting kids ready for school to juggling professional responsibilities, this day was a reminder of the resilience and multitasking capabilities that come second nature to us. These experiences don’t just shape us as individuals; they enhance our leadership style, making us more relatable, approachable, and understanding leaders.

In this video I also share the essence of what makes women exemplary leaders and why these traits are indispensable in the fabric of today’s society.

The Hallmarks of Women in Leadership:

1. Driving Performance with Diverse Insights

We, as women, approach the leadership table armed with a rich tapestry of experiences. The trials and triumphs that dot our personal and professional landscapes imbue us with a nuanced understanding of the world. This diversity of insight powers superior performance and outcomes, proving indispensable for any organization’s growth.

2. Shaping Tomorrow’s Trailblazers

Our roles as leaders transcend mere managerial duties; we act as lighthouses, guiding the next wave of women toward their shores of success. Demonstrating that persistence, empathy, and intellect can shatter ceilings, we inspire not just belief in possibility but the courage to pursue it.

3. Decisions Anchored in Emotional Intelligence

The innate emotional intelligence (EQ) that we possess equips us with an unmatched proficiency in making decisions that are not just judicious but also empathetic. Our ability to perceive the unsaid, to truly listen, and to cultivate a supportive atmosphere translates into decisions that propel the entire organization forward.

So if you are a woman reading this, take a bow, sis. You are extraordinary and don’t let anyone tell you different. Your ability to balance, to lead, to inspire, and to make a difference speaks volumes. Let’s continue to support, uplift, and empower each other, sharing our stories and successes. Because when one woman shines, she lights the way for all of us. Here’s to us, to our strength, to our leadership, and to our unending capacity to create change. Keep flexing those muscles, keep leading with heart, and remember, the world needs your unique brand of leadership now more than ever.

Together, let’s make every month a celebration of our achievements and continue to break barriers in every field we step into. Remember, your journey, your resilience, and your leadership inspire a world of possibilities not just for you, but for every woman who looks up to you. So shine sis. As Rhianna said, “shine bright like a diamond.”

Closing Out Sisterhood Month with Self-Care and Solidarity

March has been a month of celebrating sisterhood, and, as it draws to a close, I hope each one of you has taken the time to honor your own strength and extend your love to the incredible women in your life. But, before we step into April, I wanted to share with you three important mantras that I hold dear – and I hope you can adopt them too.

Say “No”

Firstly, I want you to remember the power that lies in two letters: N-O. Saying no is not just an option; it is sometimes a necessary response to maintain control over our busy lives. It’s crucial for us bosses, queens, and every woman in charge of her destiny. We are in control, and it’s okay to say, “No, I cannot show up for this event” or “No, I cannot commit to this.”

You must guard your time and energy fiercely. And while it is our nature to be dependable and strong, there comes a point where we shouldn’t feel guilty for prioritizing our well-being. No is a complete sentence, and it deserves a period at its end, not a question mark.

Check on Your Strong Friends

The second point I want to stress is the importance of looking out for those among us who seem invincible. Our community is full of talented, powerful, and influential women, but sometimes, even the strongest among us can carry burdens that weigh heavy on their shoulders.

I knew a Mom in Atlanta who tragically killed her children and then herself. From the outside, it seemed like she had it all – respected in the community, great kids, loved by many – until that unthinkable tragedy. This is a harrowing reminder that we must diligently check on our strong friends. Ask them sincerely, “Are you really okay?” Offer tangible support, whether it’s taking their kids for a day or treating them to a coffee. This not only strengthens the bonds of sisterhood but also reinforces our commitment to each other’s well-being.

Say “Yes” – To Yourself

The third and possibly the most significant thing I advocate for is saying “Yes” to yourself. Once you’ve cleared your plate of overwhelming commitments by saying no, you create space to consent to things that truly matter – to joys that replenish your spirit.

Whether it’s indulging in a quiet bath, committing to a workout routine, or having lunch with friends, these are the moments for you. I’ve kicked off my sisterhood month by doing things that bring me joy – shooting at the range, dancing at a hip-hop class, and reconnecting with old friends.

The whole point of saying no to others is so that you can say yes to what elevates and fills you. Making your needs, loves, and passions a priority isn’t selfish; it’s self-care.

Looking Ahead

As we exit Sisterhood Month and march into April, don’t forget these three tenets. They are not just for the month that honors our sisterhood; they are for every day of the year. They are for the moments when you’re stretched thin and need to reinforce your boundaries. They are for the times when a friend’s smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes, and she needs you more than she says. And they are for the instances when you need to choose joy, choose peace, and choose yourself.

It’s been an empowering month, and I’m excited to carry these learnings into the following days, weeks, and months. Ladies, affirm yourselves, look out for each other, and never forget to carve out space for your own growth and happiness. Take these mantras into April, and beyond, and watch how they transform your life.

Until next time, stay strong, support each other, and celebrate the beautiful sisterhood that connects us all.

Celebrating Sisterhood: Actionable Steps to Honor the Women in Your Life

Happy Women’s History Month!

March is here, and it’s all about women—our achievements, our stories, and most importantly, the bonds of sisterhood that connect us. Sisterhood has been a pivotal part of my journey, and I want to share with you how we can actively celebrate and reinforce these essential connections in our lives.

The Essence of Sisterhood

For me, sisterhood is runs deeper than having a shared bloodline; it’s about the shared experiences, goals, and values that unite us as women. It’s about giving, receiving, and creating a powerful unity that empowers each of us to be better. From my early days as the eldest of three girls to finding a new family among cheerleaders and sorority sisters in college, every chapter of my life has been enriched by the women in it.

So, in the spirit of this celebratory month, I find it perfectly fitting to extend a challenge to each and every one of you: to actively celebrate sisterhood and the special women in your life. Women consistently give and pour so much of themselves into others, often without seeking anything in return. You know exactly who she is because, chances are, you are her. Let’s make it our mission this month to turn the tables and offer her a delightful surprise.

How to Actively Celebrate Sisterhood

  1. Acknowledge the Pillars of Strength in Your Life Think of the women who have been your support system, your mentors, and your cheerleaders. Acknowledge their influence by reaching out to them. Whether it’s through a letter, a heartfelt text, a call, or a personalized card, let them know the impact they’ve had on your life.
  2. Share Your Stories of Sisterhood Sisterhood is built on shared stories and experiences. This month, I encourage you to share your own stories of sisterhood. Whether it’s in a personal journal, a blog post, or on social media, let the world know about the women who have shaped your journey.
  3. Create Moments of Joy Together Organize a spa day, a lunch, or even a virtual hangout with the women in your life. I kicked off my sisterhood month with a lunch, and I can’t emphasize enough the joy it brought me.
  4. Extend Your Circle Sisterhood is also about extending your circle and welcoming new bonds. Participate in community events, join clubs, or engage in online forums where you can meet like-minded women. Celebrate the diversity and strength that each new sister brings to the table.
  5. Celebrate Each Other’s Successes Make it a point to celebrate the victories, big or small, of the women around you. From professional achievements to personal milestones, recognizing each other’s successes fosters a supportive and empowering sisterhood.
  6. Offer Support and Encouragement Be there for the women in your life, not just in times of celebration but also in moments of need. Offer your support, lend an ear, and be the shoulder to lean on. Remember, a pillar of sisterhood is being present.
  7. Cultivate a Culture of Appreciation Make it a habit to express gratitude and appreciation for the women in your community. A simple “thank you” or “I appreciate you” can go a long way in reinforcing the bonds of sisterhood.

Let’s Make Sisterhood a Year-Long Celebration

While March is a special month dedicated to celebrating women and sisterhood, let’s carry the spirit of this celebration throughout the year. Let sisterhood be a continuous source of strength, inspiration, and joy in our lives.

I’d love to hear your stories of sisterhood and how you’re celebrating the incredible women in your life this month. Share your thoughts, plans, and experiences with me in the comments and on social media, and let’s spread the magic of sisterhood far and wide.

Remember Queens, we are unstoppable together. Let’s make this month—and every month—a celebration of us, our sisterhood, and the unbreakable bonds that unite us.

Your Guide to Hosting an Unforgettable Book Launch Party

Whether you’re a first-time author or adding another title to your bibliography, a book launch party is a fabulous way to celebrate your hard work, dedication, and passion. I’ve been where you are, and I want to share with you some actionable tips to make your book launch as unforgettable as the stories you’ve penned. And, to give you a taste of what’s possible, I’ll also share footage from my own book launch party—a night that was nothing short of magical.

Continue reading

Let’s Talk: Four Tips to Communicating with Your Partner

“Let’s talk.” These two simple words can sometimes feel like the heaviest to utter or hear. They often herald conversations filled with misunderstanding or fear of conflict. But what if we could change that narrative? What if ‘let’s talk’ became an invitation to understanding and empathy?

In my new video, I’m opening up about my own experiences – the missteps, the successes, and the lessons learned along the way. Communication in relationships isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it’s a unique blend of understanding, patience, and, most importantly, love.

After watching, I encourage you to share your thoughts. What resonated with you? What challenges do you face in communication with your partner? Your stories, questions, and experiences enrich our community and foster a deeper understanding of what it means to truly connect.

A Peek into My Forbes Interview

I recently had the opportunity to share my insights with Forbes in an interview that was nothing short of a dream come true. In this candid conversation, we dove right into the essence of my book, “Marriage Business: From Proposal to Prosperity, Building Your Dynasty the Fortune 500 Way.”

Our journey began with the story of how Donta and I met and blossomed into a love that’s both enduring and inspiring. I shared the nuances of integrating influential Black couples into my narrative, emphasizing the richness and diversity of Black love.

One of my favorite parts of the interview was discussing the vital difference between ‘planning’ and having a plan in relationships. This concept has been a cornerstone of our marriage – treating it like a dynamic vision board, constantly evolving and adapting.

We also touched on the importance of viewing marriage through a business lens, a perspective that’s often overlooked yet critical for long-term success. The working sessions in my book are designed to guide couples through this transformative journey.

I believe even singles can gain a lot of value from the book, as it encourages self-awareness and understanding one’s worth before entering a relationship. And finally, we talked about approaching difficult conversations with love and practicality, a balance that’s essential for healthy partnerships.

As I continue my journey, hosting book signings and speaking at events, my goal remains steadfast: to impact lives by nurturing strong, resilient relationships. This interview was a milestone in that journey, and I’m thrilled to share it with you all.

Can You Grow Individually Without Drifting Apart? Exploring Self Growth Within Relationships

Our latest exploration together, “Finding Me in Us: Nurturing Self Growth in Relationships” is a topic close to my heart and one that I know resonates with so many of you. As we journey through life’s ups and downs together with our partners, a question often emerges: How do we maintain our individuality while building a life together? Drawing from my own experiences and the insights shared in my book, “Marriage Business: From Proposal to Prosperity Building Your Dynasty the Fortune 500 Way,” I want to dive deep into how we can support each other’s growth without losing sight of our union’s strength.

Mutual Support: The Foundation of Growth

One of the most transformative conversations I had with my husband was when he reminded me, “I am not your competition.” This simple statement shifted my perspective entirely, from seeing us as individuals navigating separate paths to partners on a shared journey. It’s about embracing the idea that our partnership thrives on mutual support, not competition, allowing us to pursue our individual goals while remaining united.

The Balancing Act: Individual and Shared Growth

Finding that delicate balance between personal development and nurturing our relationship is crucial. It involves open communication, understanding, and respect for each other’s ambitions and dreams. By championing each other’s goals, we not only strengthen our bond but also foster an environment where each of us can flourish.

Growing Together Through Individual Strengths

The beauty of a relationship lies in how two strong individuals can come together to create something even more powerful. It’s like a garden where each plant contributes to the overall beauty. This analogy reflects how giving each other space to grow individually can lead to a vibrant and resilient partnership.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Life will inevitably throw challenges our way, but it’s how we view and tackle these challenges that define our relationship’s strength. Drawing on my background in strategic planning, I suggest looking at relationship hurdles as opportunities for growth. A strategic approach, such as conducting a SWOT analysis, can help us understand our relationship dynamics better and plan for a stronger future together.

Living Your Purpose Within a Partnership

Pursuing our individual purposes is vital for a healthy and joyful relationship. When we live in alignment with our passions and encourage our partners to do the same, we bring vibrancy and fulfillment into our relationship. Supporting each other’s dreams ensures that we both can grow without feeling held back or neglected.

Conclusion: Our Legacy Together

“Finding Me in Us: Nurturing Self Growth in Relationships” is more than just a discussion; it’s a call to action for all of us looking to deepen our connections while honoring our personal journeys. By applying these principles, we can build a legacy of love, mutual respect, and shared growth—a true dynasty of the heart.

I hope this conversation sparks reflection and inspiration in your relationship as much as it has in mine. Remember, it’s about finding yourself within ‘us,’ nurturing your growth, and celebrating the journey together.

I invite you to watch the full video below for a deeper dive into these insights. Let’s embrace this beautiful balance of growing individually and together, building a legacy of love and mutual success.

Your journey of self-discovery within your relationship is a testament to the strength and resilience of love. Join me as we navigate this path together, enriching our lives and relationships with every step we take.

Join Me in Atlanta for Cocktails & Conversations

I’m inviting you to an evening that promises to be both enlightening and exhilarating – Cocktails and Conversations with Bonika Wilson.

We all know relationships are the bedrock of our lives, but let’s be honest, navigating the sea of love isn’t always smooth sailing. That’s why I’m hosting a night where we can spend a little time talking about relationships, tackling everything from love’s challenges to overcoming conflict and finding that elusive balance.

Event Details:

  • Where: Atlanta
  • When: February, 22 | 6:30 PM

This is a chance for us to come together, share our stories, and learn from one another. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in an “it’s complicated” status, there’s something for everyone.

And what’s a heart-to-heart without some libations? Expect a variety of cocktails to sip on as we chat, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear or two. It’s all about honest, open dialogue in a relaxed, friendly environment.

This event is particularly close to my heart. I believe in the power of community and conversation to spark change and growth. So, if you’re ready to explore the complexities of relationships and how to nurture self-growth within them, Cocktails and Conversations is where you need to be.

Space is limited, and trust me, you won’t want to miss this. So, click the button below to secure your spot. Let’s make it a night to remember – one filled with insights, inspiration, and, of course, a bit of fun.

Looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. Let’s raise a glass to love, life, and everything in between!