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Bonika Featured in The Atlanta Voice: A Visionary Approach to Marriages Modeled After Successful Businesses


Bonika Wilson,

Bonika Featured in The Atlanta Voice: A Visionary Approach to Marriages Modeled After Successful Businesses

In an inspiring feature by The Atlanta Voice, Bonika Wilson shares her innovative perspective on marriage, suggesting that the same strategic planning and business concepts leading to success in the corporate world can also create winning marriages. Her book, Marriage Business: From Proposal to Prosperity Building Your Dynasty the Fortune 500 Way, delves into the transformative idea of treating marriages with the same strategic intent as businesses, aiming not just for a legacy but for the establishment of a dynasty.

With over two decades of experience in guiding businesses through complex challenges, Wilson’s approach to marriage is as methodical as it is heartfelt. She believes in the power of planning and strategy to solve problems and enhance relationships. This belief wasn’t just a theory; it became a practice that she applied to her own marriage, leading to years of happiness and success.

Wilson’s journey to this revelation began over ten years ago, though the foundational work in her marriage started about six years back. Her story is one of trial, error, and ultimate triumph, showcasing how business principles, when applied thoughtfully, can elevate not just professional relationships but personal ones as well.

The Social Media Dimension

Despite not being an active social media user herself, Wilson recognizes its potential as a tool for connecting with and supporting couples. She emphasizes the importance of how couples present themselves online, aligning with their personal brand and image. Looking forward, Wilson expresses a desire to expand her impact through marriage conferences and retreats, offering couples the “real nuggets” of relationship success in a more personal setting.

Wilson also touches on the challenges and noise brought by social media, offering sage advice to single women navigating the landscape of relationships today. She advocates for self-awareness and alignment, stressing the importance of understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats before seeking those qualities in a partner.

A Path Forward

Bonika Wilson’s insights extend beyond the pages of her book. They offer a new lens through which to view relationships, urging individuals and couples alike to adopt a more intentional and strategic approach to building a lasting bond. Her work is a testament to the belief that with the right plan, dedication, and understanding, every marriage can be a thriving business of love and partnership.

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